Go Live Features

You can Go Live with monitored Cell phone using Shadow Logs Panel. Go Live is an Ad-On feature.

Go Live Connect helps you to connect to your mobile in real-time, with the assistance of a secure Internet connection. Once Go Live is connected to your Cell phone, you can perform several commands. These include accessing, retrieving and saving call and SMS message logs, and recovering lost or deleted data.

Once the connection is set, you can view updated mobile information such as mobile operator, IMEI, Modal, make of the Cell phone and so on.

Camera Snapshots
  • With this command, you can request snapshots of your tracking Cell phone.
  • The mobile captures snapshots using the front and rear camera, with a live camera feature.
  • Snapshot capture will not open the mobile camera, location or GPS software.
  • Photos will be clicked covertly in incognito mode without camera activation.
Record Surrounding
  • This feature allows you to listen to your surrounding voices by recording them.
  • This command activates the mobile mic, which records a maximum of 2-5 minutes of surrounding voices.
  • You can download, listen and save these recordings.
  • You can request further more surround recordings with this command.
Request Callback
  • This is a recovery action that can be used in cases of emergency.
  • This command is useful when the person is not responding to your call, or they are going unanswered.
  • With this live command, the monitored cell phone will automatically initiate a callback.
  • You can provide the phone number where you wish to receive the callback.
Live Locations
  • Once you connect your Cell phone with Go Live, you can find your Cell location on the map.
  • You can also request to view other locations on the map.
  • The GPS tracker app will show real-time locations from the mobile being monitored.
  • But to track the cell phone, it may require the GPS and Internet to be enabled.
Monitoring Service
  • The Shadow SPY app can adapt to the mobile where it is enabled.
  • Depending on the cell phone compatibility, it can use various ways of monitoring.
  • With this command, you can track the monitoring services in real-time.
  • On enabling this action, you will receive the details of the monitoring methods and approach that Shadow SPY is using.
Get Phonebook
  • This feature helps you retrieve all the phonebook contacts from the monitored mobile.
  • The phonebook command sends the contacts from the mobile as well as various accounts.
  • The retrieved contacts are sent to the email address provided by you.
  • Each contact includes details such as name, phone number, email address and so on.
Get Call History
  • This feature allows you to access, retrieve and recover call history from the mobile being tracked.
  • The call history shows all the calls that appear in the mobile call logs application.
  • This includes incoming, outgoing and missed calls with the name and number of the person, along with the date, time and duration of the call.
  • The logs are sent to the provided email address.
Get SMS Logs
  • This feature provides access to all the text messages saved in the Messages application of the monitored mobile.
  • With this command, you can view and save every text message with its contents.
  • This includes the name and number of the sender and receiver and the date and time of the SMS.
  • You can receive these logs to your provided email address in a table format.
Mobile Reboot
  • This feature is a Recovery command that works only on rooted mobile.
  • Once you send this command from Go Live, the monitored mobile gets rebooted.
  • A reboot means that the mobile will fully shutdown and then turn on automatically.
  • A Cell phone reboot can fix several problems and start all the services again automatically.
Mobile Screenshot
  • A screenshot captures the image of the mobile display.
  • When you opt for this command, it captures the exact frame of the monitored Cell phone and is similar to a manual screenshot.
  • The screenshot is taken without any notification, sound or visible display changes.
  • This feature only works on rooted Cell Phone.
Wipe Mobile
  • This feature is a recovery command to protect the data of the monitored Cell phone.
  • With this command, the entire data of the cell phone is cleared, and it is reset to its factory version.
  • If you select this command, the Shadow SPY application will also be wiped out with the other applications and data.
  • For this command to work, Shadow SPY needs to be enabled as device admin.
Pending Files
  • This feature allows you to monitor the services and working of Shadow SPY.
  • The monitored files include Photos, Recordings, which get uploaded with a secure Internet connection and availability.
  • With this command, you can see the archive of files that are being monitored but are not yet reported.
  • It also lists all the files in order of their type, which are queued to be uploaded.