• We recommended our customers to start with trial version to make sure things are working well on their device.
  • We provide guaranteed refund of whole money within 10 days of purchase for any issue at our end that is not resolvable.
  • In case you face any bug or failure at our end after more than 10 days of use, appropriate amount will be refunded by deducting the amount for used service.
  • If you have availed trial before buying the service then services those were working in trial and stopped working after trial would be considered as faulty and will be checked to fix.
  • If any service was not working or compatible with your mobile in your trial version then after purchase you can not flag them as faulty. Because you were already aware of service before buying.
  • However for refund request we may run some troubleshooting steps to find and fix the issue on device. If that fails then only refund, as appropriate will be processed.