Shadow SPY Install and Configure

Installation and configuration on target cell phones.

The Process has following steps
1. Downloading and installing Shadow SPY
2. Login or Register
3. Enable Social Logging on Rooted devices
4. Enable Key stroke and Notification logging
5. Prevent Uninstall
6. Complete Setup
7. Viewing Logs of monitored device

Download and Install Shadow SPY

Open any browser like Firefox or Chrome in the target cell phone and type and tap go/enter or Click Here to open download page. Once the download is complete tap downloaded application and install.

Download the Shadow SPY on the phone you want to monitor for WhatsApp and other monitoring
Open browser and type and hit go/enter or Click Here to open download page.
Download shadow spy on target mobile to start spying over calls and text
Download using any download link
Install shadow spy on phone to track gps location
Tap downloaded shadow.apk to start installation

Login or Register

Open Shadow SPY and Enter your account details to login, in case you do not have any Shadow SPY account yet then register it now using 'Register Now' option. Registration will gives you 24 hours of FREE trial.

Permissions to record mobile activities
Grant all the permission so that Shadow SPY can track various activities of target mobile phone.
Login with Shadow SPY account to view Text Message logs
Enter your account email - password and login
You can also register new account to record voice calls automatically
Enter email address and choose your password to Register

Prevent Uninstall

In case you want to prevent the phone user from uninstalling the Shadow SPY application then you would like this feature. Once you activate Device admin of Shadow SPY, the uninstall button of Shadow SPY under settings will be disabled and user would not be able to uninstall the application. It will also let you wipe the target phone in case of theft or lost.

Activate device admin for better monitoring of android device logs
Enable 'Prevent Uninstall' checkbox
Monitor your spouse and childs for safety using Shadow SPY
Tap 'Activate this device admin app'

Notification and Key Stroke Logs

These are the two most important features of Shadow SPY, using Notification logging you can monitor most of the incoming notifications including notifications of social apps chat messages with body, and Key Strokes lets you spy on text, user is typing in any application in device so you can see composed emails, sent chat messages under Key Stroke logs.

Enable Accessibility Service

Spy on key stroke logs and see whole text user is typing in any application
Enable 'Accessibility Service' Checkbox
key stroke logs are chars and keys typed by user in any input box
Tap 'sCalc'

Note: sCalc is Shadow SPY

Shadow SPY is best smartphone monitoring application for WhatsApp and Facebook chat monitoring
Turn CheckBox 'ON' and then tap 'Ok' to confirm
Press back to come back to Shadow SPY screen

Enable Notification Service

spy over all the status bar notifications of cell phone
Enable 'Read Notification' Checkbox
Notification logs will capture all the incoming social apps chat messages and status messages
Enable 'sCalc' checkbox

Note: sCalc is Shadow SPY

Rooted Mobile Logging

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger logging will only work on rooted devices in case device you are monitoring is rooted then you can tap 'Check Root' and grant Shadow SPY root access. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger logs will include information about all type of messages including sent/received images, videos, contacts, locations etc

Monitor WhatsApp chat with photos, location, contact and text messages
Tap on 'Check Root Status' button and grant root permission to Shadow SPY/(sCalc) app. If device is not rooted application will give prompt that 'Your device is not rooted!'

Clean Up

Congratulations you have completed configuration, now you should clean all the downloads, browsing history and all about Shadow SPY from target phone.

Now you can view logs of your spouse and child in shadow logs panel monitor the target mobile in background stealth mode
Tap on 'Go Stealth' to clean downloads and browsing history.
1. Use 'Clean Now' button under 'Remove Shadow SPY Downloads' to go to mobile downloads section and remove the shadow spy downloads.
1. Use 'Clean Now' button under 'Remove Shadow SPY Browsing history' to go to mobile browsing section and remove the shadow spy browsing history.

Go Stealth

Make the application fully stealth so it do not make any sound or notification to phone user.

monitor the target mobile in background stealth mode simple calculator
Tap on 'Go Stealth' to turn the application into stealth mode.
1. You should turn off Notifications of Shadow SPY so the application do not post any notifications in notification bar of target mobile. Tap on 'Turn off Now' button to go there and disable the top most checkbox.
2. Turn off the check box 'Show Shadow SPY Icon' so this screen can not be launched by target phone user and there should be no icon of Shadow SPY.
3. Turn ON the check box 'Show sCalc icon' to show a calculator application icon, which will be a simple calculator to use and do all the functions of calculator, you can enter 000 in calculator screen and press = to lauch this screen.

What Next?

To view the logs visit or visit Viewing Logs