View Mobile Activities

View Logs of Monitored Cell Phones at any time, from Anywhere!

The activities of monitored mobile devices will be reported instantly so you can view them within seconds of their actual time. If the Mobile phone you are monitoring do not have access to internet while the activity happens, Shadow SPY will accumulate the activities in its private database and upload them to your account once mobile is connected to Internet so you do not miss any information and log.

Shadow Logs Panel

It gives you access to all the activities recorded by mobile phones you are monitoring under your account.

This is the place after setup of Shadow SPY on target mobile you would like to visit, Open any browser in PC or mobile and visit to view logs. You would need to login with your Shadow SPY account, this is the same account you used while setting up Shadow SPY on target mobile devices. All the mobile devices being monitored using your account will be available to view their logs activities and you can switch between mobile phones to view their respective logs. You can remove old logs, can change monitoring settings, change GPS location interval etc.

  • Here you can switch between multiple mobile devices to view their respective logs
  • View logs of different - different kind activities
  • Download Call recordings
  • Manage Old Logs
  • View your account information
  • Change monitoring options and location settings
  • Purchase subscriptions
  • Check latest news about Shadow SPY
  • Shadow Logs Panel can be used in Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Connect with device using 'Go Live' and execute number of live commands