Mobile Monitoring Features

Cell Phone Tracking features include spying over call logs and recordings, sms, photos, gps, calendars, surroundings and more.


Stealth Monitoring

  • Once you setup the application, you can turn it into stealth mode.
  • In Stealth mode application would not be visible to launch.
  • Stealth mode will hide Shadow SPY app icon.
  • Shadow SPY will not create any notification or alert in stealth mode.

Calls History

  • Shadow SPY application will track all calls.
  • Records of Incoming, Outgoing and Missed calls will be reported
  • Call Record will include name, number of person and duration.
  • Call logs are reported as soon as they happen with date & time.

Text Messages

  • Incoming and Outgoing messages will be reported.
  • Reported message will also include the content of message.
  • Person, Phone number and date - time of message will be tracked.
  • The SMS logs can be seen in minutes after they sent/received.

Location Updates

  • Shadow SPY will use Mobile GPS and Network to know location.
  • GPS Locations updates will be reported periodically or upon location change.
  • Location log will include street address with date & time of log.
  • You can directly view the location on map from Location log record.

Photos Gallery

  • Record, View and Download photos from Mobile you are spying.
  • Photos will include all the Camera photos.
  • Photos Downloaded using Internet or WhatsApp will also uploaded.
  • See date and time of photo capturing and download.

Call Recordings

  • Record all the incoming and outgoing voice calls.
  • Both of the side of call will be recorded.
  • You can download and listen to recorded calls.
  • Call recording will include info like duration, date & time.

Phone Book

  • Phone book all contacts can be viewed in Shadow SPY.
  • Contacts will include phone storage and other accounts.
  • Every new added contact will be recorded and uploaded.
  • You can also see when a new person was saved in contact list.

Keystroke Logs

  • Keystroke means keys user type using soft keyboard in mobile.
  • All the Keystroke logs typed in any application will be captured.
  • Keystroke logs will have details of application in which they were being typed.
  • See Date and Time of Keystroke log with app name.

Notification Logging

  • Notification means Alerts mobile show in Status bar.
  • Such Notifications will include alerts of incoming calls, sms, chats.
  • Many incoming notification like of WhatsApp can have chat text, sender info.
  • All these Status bar notifications will be monitored.

Calendar Events

  • Events of Active Calendars can be monitored using Shadow SPY.
  • Such Events as soon as created in mobile can be seen in your account.
  • Events with information of Date & time of creation, event time.
  • Details of event like locations, persons joining the event will be included.

Application Installs

  • Application installs means apps downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.
  • List of such installed apps can be viewed under App Install logs.
  • New installs of application in mobile would be logged.
  • Date & Time of application installs can be viewed.

Go Live Connect

  • Go Live lets you connect with device in real time.
  • Go Live connection can only be established if mobile being monitored is connected to Internet that time.
  • You can send various commands like Front or Rear camera snapshot.
  • In Live Connection many recovery commands can be executed.