Mobile Monitoring Features

When installed on the target phone, our advanced mobile monitoring software efficiently tracks all activities carried out on the Cell phone. This includes call history, call recordings, text messages, GPS location, Facebook and WhatsApp chats, search phrases, and calendar events

Shadow SPY uses cutting-edge technology to offer trusted solutions for protecting your child from bad interactions on social media, emails and texts. Our optimised Cell phone monitoring software is a powerful tool that is designed to streamline parental control. Whether you wish to monitor your child’s conversations on WhatsApp or wish to get real-time alerts on where the person you are tracking is at any given time, you can rely on our Shadow SPY's sophisticated technology


Stealth Monitoring

  • Once you setup the application, you can turn it into stealth mode.
  • In Stealth mode application would not be visible to launch.
  • Stealth mode will hide Shadow SPY app icon.
  • Shadow SPY will not create any notification or alert in stealth mode.

Calls History

  • Shadow SPY application will track all calls.
  • Records of Incoming, Outgoing and Missed calls will be reported
  • Call Record will include name, number of person and duration.
  • Call logs are reported as soon as they happen with date & time.

Text Messages

  • Incoming and Outgoing messages will be reported.
  • Reported message will also include the content of message.
  • Person, Phone number and date - time of message will be tracked.
  • The SMS logs can be seen in minutes after they sent/received.

Location Updates

  • Shadow SPY will use Mobile GPS and Network to know location.
  • GPS Locations updates will be reported periodically or upon location change.
  • Location log will include street address with date & time of log.
  • You can directly view the location on map from Location log record.

Photos Gallery

  • Record, View and Download photos from Mobile you are spying.
  • Photos will include all the Camera photos.
  • Photos Downloaded using Internet or WhatsApp will also uploaded.
  • See date and time of photo capturing and download.

Call Recordings

  • Record all the incoming and outgoing voice calls.
  • Both of the side of call will be recorded.
  • You can download and listen to recorded calls.
  • Call recording will include info like duration, date & time.

Phone Book

  • Phone book all contacts can be viewed in Shadow SPY.
  • Contacts will include phone storage and other accounts.
  • Every new added contact will be recorded and uploaded.
  • You can also see when a new person was saved in contact list.

Keystroke Logs

  • Keystroke means keys user type using soft keyboard in mobile.
  • All the Keystroke logs typed in any application will be captured.
  • Keystroke logs will have details of application in which they were being typed.
  • See Date and Time of Keystroke log with app name.

Notification Logging

  • Notification means Alerts mobile show in Status bar.
  • Such Notifications will include alerts of incoming calls, sms, chats.
  • Many incoming notification like of WhatsApp can have chat text, sender info.
  • All these Status bar notifications will be monitored.

Calendar Events

  • Events of Active Calendars can be monitored using Shadow SPY.
  • Such Events as soon as created in mobile can be seen in your account.
  • Events with information of Date & time of creation, event time.
  • Details of event like locations, persons joining the event will be included.

Application Installs

  • Application installs means apps downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.
  • List of such installed apps can be viewed under App Install logs.
  • New installs of application in mobile would be logged.
  • Date & Time of application installs can be viewed.

Go Live Connect

  • Go Live lets you connect with device in real time.
  • Go Live connection can only be established if mobile being monitored is connected to Internet that time.
  • You can send various commands like Front or Rear camera snapshot.
  • In Live Connection many recovery commands can be executed.