Shadow SPY Version 2.0

We are happy to announce that a new version 2.0 of Shadow is launched on 10th March 2021 with latest device support, more reliable features and completely stealth yet working all the time.
Recommendation for new users!

doneNew users should use Version 2.0, new version supports latest devices, OS and monitoring features.

doneThe downloads and everything defaults to version 2.0 so new users do not confuse between versions as they will automatically land to version 2.0 resources.

Recommendation for existing old users!

doneThe Old version will keep functioning for coming months so old users can stick to it, they can make purchases, monitor more mobiles under their account without any problem.

doneHowever existing users should plan to move to new version 2.0, whenever they install on new device or re-install, it is recommended to install the version 2.0 (the downloads and everything defaults to version 2.0)

doneIn new version 2.0 the old account of Shadow SPY will not work and old users need to create a new Shadow SPY account, the old account email address can be used to create a new account with version 2.0.

doneThe purchase and remaining subscription of old account will be automatically transferred to new version 2.0 account when you use your existing email address to sign-up with version 2.0.

Reach Support for any help at