Instant Phone Activity Logging

Cell phone activities are logged as they happen in mobile phone

When you install and Configure Shadow SPY in Cell phone which you want to monitor and track activities of, Shadow SPY runs its services in background all the time to watch all the happening of activities. It tracks activities as they happen and report them to customer's account in just few seconds, so customer can see a call received/dialled by monitored phone in few seconds after it happened.

  • Shadow SPY Cell phone tracking services run all the time.
  • Shadow SPY app starts monitoring services automatically when phone turns ON after restart or shutdown.
  • Logs are monitored and reported as they happen in cell phone.
  • In case Internet connection is not available then logs will be accumulated and reported when Internet becomes available.
  • Delete and log after its happening will not be missed, like removing call log after call will not impact the service and you can still see the log.